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by Claw

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Looming 01:44
A dream of ill omen strikes The Heroine one night, and she awakens with vivid images of a majestic ghostly blade, a mechanical world of discord dancing around in her head. A vision of the forbidden Daemon's Keep, a legendary evil tower, mostly thought to be a fantasy meant to scare children, etches itself into her mind. What fate could this portend?
The Heroine prepares to follow the clues in her dream, to leave behind her peaceful town and face the challenges of the world beyond, on the night of the Annual Festival. That night, she is surprised by her three best friends, who tell her they've chosen to embark on her journey into the vast world of Elendar with her.
The Heroine and her party stumble into a deep, dark and terrifying cave system. There, the friendly dwarf-like Mindonari workers offer to help show them the way through to the other side: a mine cart track traveling beneath the vast Undersky and its night of infinite cosmological mystery and beauty.
Lamahri 02:44
Out of the caves, The Party finds themselves in the blistering vista of the Lamahri Wastes, a scorched desert teeming with dangerous creatures. They force their way through the desolate wasteland...
Wobblewood 03:45
The Party leaves the searing desert behind, and as night falls upon the land of Elendar, they find themselves wandering through a thick tangle of trees into the mystical Wobblewood, the home of the mischievous Ilurathi. Magical hallucinations and illusions plague our heroes; will they make it out with their sanity intact?
Finally The Party has made it to the bridge leading out of the accursed Wobblewood... but there they find themselves ambushed by a squad of Shock Troopers, the Empire's elite special forces unit! They ask The Heroine to hand herself over to them willingly, for what reason she couldn't begin to guess, but when her friends stand in their way, things get serious. Enter the dreaded mechanical beast... Warhead!
Rest 00:36
After the ordeal on the bridge, The Party finds a quiet inn to spend the night. Next morning, planning.
The Party arrives at the Bitter Coast and finds the area overcome by vicious beasts. Fighting their way through, they eventually arrive at the abandoned ship that they heard mentioned at the inn that morning. Next stop, the Burning Shore...
Decadence 01:30
On the way to the Burning Shore, a wave of vile darkness sweeps over the ship. The Party writhes in the oil-slick sickness of evil energy. They must be getting close to their goal.
Evil Lair 04:31
Across the Burning Shore, The Heroine and her friends skulk through an ancient and seemingly abandoned ruin. It seems so familiar... but it's completely destroyed. There's no way this place could be what she saw in her dream... right? Wait, what was that? Did something just move?
A panic attack grips our Heroine at the end of the defiled ruins, where a Shock Trooper ambush awaits them once more, slaughtering one of her friends before her eyes. This time, the squad is led by a mysterious young man with flowing hair. During the confrontation, some sort of mechanism is triggered, and the whole ruin begins to shake...
Our heroes have somehow found themselves magically transported into the Inverted Realm of Discord - the same devastated and destroyed world of machines from The Heroine's dream. The sky hangs blood-red above them. The Heroine feels a warm prickling on the back of her neck. This is it. The real Daemon's Keep, the one from her dream. The end of their journey is just up that tower.
"Sanguine," he spoke, and the sun fell from the sky. Across the ice desert, the ground ripped and quaked apart as it did all throughout Elendar. The dead were clawing their way back to life.
<The End of the Beginning>


A collection of video game soundtrack-esque songs I've made over the years, in a number of styles. We follow The Heroine's journey from peaceful origins into a shocking world of adventure on the road to the devious Daemon's Keep.

Check song lyrics for story notes!


released June 15, 2018


all rights reserved



Claw British Columbia

Hey, I'm a disabled musician with a hook hand. I play keyboard and guitar, and I like to compose music inspired by video games and art. Sometimes I do a singing thing, too.

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